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You head back to Zeffo pretty quickly in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Thankfully, you've explored a lot of the area on the first go-around, so this second trip will quickly take you to the next tomb, the Tomb of Miktrull.

Fallen Order Zeffo and the Tomb of Miktrull Guide


Video Guide: Part 12

To get to the Tomb of Miktrull, you'll have to head to the Crash Site. We have been to the Crash Site before, but skipped the entire area because we would come back later. Well, now's the time!

Head on up the mountain path near the hangar, and use the shortcut you unlocked last time to get back to the Ice Caves. Head through that area, and head through the area to return to the Crash Site.

Make sure to jump along the gears in the large room of the Ice Caves, that will mean you're going the right way!

Once there, you can swim around the area for a couple of chests. Once you're ready, head towards the big ring and climb up to go through it. There are a lot of flying droids in this area, so carefully walk through, and you'll be at a new area.

Grab that Life Essence if you weren't here already, and then have BD-1 Overcharge the terminal to bring a zipline to your area. Zip across, then head down the elevator for a Meditation Point.

Explore the Imperial Excavation

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In the Imperial Excavation area, Overcharge the terminal to bring down a zipline. Use it, and then head into the next room with a workbench. You know what that means--a new upgrade for BD-1! Now the little droid can climb up ziplines.


Head out of the room and use the newfound power with Overcharge to get to back to the Meditation Point and higher up. Then, walk over to the next zipline and go down it, and head right.

You can Push through the weak grate in order to unlock a shortcut back to the workbench.

Head down the stairs and defeat the Purge Trooper waiting for you. Have BD-1 Overcharge the door to move forward.

This next area looks big, but just drop down to the right, then do some parkour and climb up the moss for a Meditation Point. Make sure to rest up.

Pugh past the Meditation Point for a bunch of areas you can't go to yet, then head onto the lift. The person waiting for you at the end is none other than the Second Sister.

Tips for Defeating the Second Sister

As a Sith, The Second Sister isn't affected too much by Force powers. Slow is completely ineffective, and Push and knock her off balance for a second or so, but that's about it. Just keep dodging and hitting her when you can.

Keep fighting her until a set of cutscenes triggers, revealing the Second Sister's true identity.

With nothing else to do, continue on, dropping down and heading through the cave. You'll reach another Meditation Point, and be at the Tomb of Miktrull.


Tomb of Miktrull

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Trilla will be talking to you through most of this section, so enjoy the taunts. Move along the outside of the tomb and you'll eventually find your way in (there's no place else to go but forward).

Once you make it inside, you'll face a Tomb Guardian. However, this guardian's core cannot be Pushed out of its body, so defeat it normally and keep going.

You'll gain the ability to kill the Tomb Guardians more easily later.

Push through the weak wall, then keep going until you find another wall to Push through.

Interact with the pedestal to turn on a nearby magnet, and it will pull the candles into the vines and burn them. This is the main gimmick of the Tomb of Miktrull, so remember it, then head up the stairs to a Meditation Point.

Before Pushing on the nearby wall past the Meditation Point, head to the left for a chest, then continue on.

This is one of the central areas of the tomb, so we'll be back here often. This will also the Puzzle Space that we'll solve later on.

First, head on up the vines to find two doors. The first door, currently, is a dead end, but the second door you can go through leads to a chest.

Now, head back to the lower section of this floor. Not the bottom most floor, but where you came in from. Activate the pedestal to have the magnets pull a a block out of the ground, then deactivate the magnet. You can Push this block to the door to the left, and continue onward.


Use the new Meditation Point, and then just keep moving though the area. It's straightforward at this point... just jump, run along the walls, and keep climbing.

A tip, you can push the Skunguses out of your way and into enemies and objects to explode.

Eventually you'll run into some Stormtroopers, and then a Purge Trooper. Defeat them all, then activate the pedestal, pushing some metal walls away from the center of the room. Continue along the path that was created, and you'll eventually come across another pedestal.

Before activating it, though, turn around and Push that Skungus into the grating blocking your way to a Life Essence.

Now, with the walls pulled into the center again, you'll want to activate the pedestal one more time to push them away. However, the second that you do, you need to sprint to the wall that's there and latch on, so you'll be carried with the wall to the next section.

Drop down from the metal wall, then you can leap across the gap for a chest. Head back and keep moving forward, watching out for the Flamethrower Stormtrooper.

Cross the bridge, then in the next area, activate the pedestal. Push the candles that come out of the wall towards the wins, burning them to reveal the way forward.

It may require more than one Push to get the candle over to the vines, so keep trying if it falls into the water.

At this point, you can drop down to head back to the Meditation Point from earlier, then climb back up to the next area. Push through the wall, then kill the Purge Trooper waiting for you. Afterwards, you'll slide down to a new area.

You'll need to climb up a series of long pillars, and when you're done, you'll have to dodge some slamming walls. How welcoming! Just run and jump with good timing and you shouldn't get crushed. Activate the pedestal at the end of the slamming walls to activate a magnet to make them stop their movement.


Drop down into the gaps for these walls and you'll find a small cave to squeeze though. Do so, and you'll find a Meditation Point. Climb along the literal tomb, and at the top you'll need to fight some Stormtroopers.

During the fight, though, some of the chains will be blasted apart, and Cal will fall. The sequence of events that follows teaches him a new ability, the Force Pull.

Once you climb to the head of the tomb, Pull the candle to you, then Push it into the vines to burn them. Now, you'll be backtracking to that central area from earlier. Just remember to use Pull on the spindles you've seen throughout the tomb to unlock shortcuts.

You can now Pull the cores from the Tomb Guardians to easily defeat them.

Once you're back to the central area, it's time for a Puzzle Space.

Tomb of Miktrull Puzzle - Raising the Spire

Video Guide: Part 15

This Puzzle will be much easier to escape than the Tomb of Eilram Puzzle Space. However, while navigating the area try to make sure not to drop to the lowest area; it's a bit of a walk back up if you fall.

In this main area, you'll be sticking to the central level to solve this puzzle. You'll see a spindle, which you can now interact with with the Force Pull ability, grab the plug at the end of the spindle and pull it to the nearby platform to plug it in.


The spindle will raise the large bulb that a ball is trapped within, but more importantly pulling on the chain will reveal that the chain is held together only by some vines.

Vines can be burned, and breaking the chain can send the bulb flying down to the lowest floor. Thankfully, the wall directly behind Cal has a bunch of candles that can be pulled out to be used to burn the vines.

However, the area near the vines is being affected by water falling in from the ceiling. The water will put out the candle before you can hit the vines, and you can jump while using Pull to hold the candle.

Before grabbing the candle, head back to the other section of the central level. Activate the magnet that you used to pull the block out of the ground earlier, and keep it activated.

Now, head back and Pull a candle out of the wall. Walk near the gap and Push the candle towards the field--since the candle has a metal casing, it'll rest against the wall.

Jump down, Pull the candle down to you, walk over near the vines, and Push it over. The chain will break and send the bulb crashing down, releasing the ball from its prison. Push it towards the hole, and the Puzzle Space is complete.

On your way out, you'll get a Hologram from Cordova mentioning a Astrium. With the tomb cleared out, it's time to head back to the Mantis, and maybe have a discussion with Cere about Trilla.

Head back to the Mantis

Take the elevator to the top to hear Trilla taunt you, and save at the Meditation Point. Now you're in the Imperial Headquearters. Keep moving forward and you'll find a workbench. This one lets BD-1 hack into enemy droids that you can Pull towards you. Helpful!


Now it's just about backtracking through the area. You'll eventually make your way back to the dig site with Force Pull, and then you'll be in the Ice Caves. However, you're not alone there, as you're ambushed by the great BA-GONK.

You won't be able to defeat BA-GONK this time.

Fight him for a while, but he'll eventually shock and knock you out. You're not heading back to the Mantis this time.

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