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The Ventator Wreckage is the ruins of a large starship that has crashed onto the planet Zeffo in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The area is comprised of the Crash Site, Broken Wing, and Venator Wreckage - and while you will only need to traverse a fraction of it during the main story, a large portion of the area is completely optional, and easily missed.

This page will guide you through the entire area, including all secrets, collectibles, and enemies you'll face along the way.

Due to the nature of the area, it's recommended that you fully explore it once you have obtained the Underwater Breathing upgrade and Double Jump from your return to Kashyyyk in Chapter 4, as you won't be able to enter the main wreckage site without them.


Crash Site Walkthrough

To reach the main crash site, you'll need to take the passage through the circular Ice Caves beneath Zeffo. There are three lifts back up to the surface - look for the one beyond the spinning gears that you can slow to cross, and then fight off two Stormtroopers to take the lift up. Alternatively, you can reach it by way of the large Imperial Headquarters, via a large ice slide past a Purge Trooper.

Once you've arrived, you'll find the massive ruins of the crashed ship looming before you, a large lake, and two shores - one leading to the Broken Wing, and the other providing platforms to lead to the wreck itself.

On the main shore, a small starfighter has crashed down, near a small circular area with a patrolling Jotaz creature, and a handful of Scazz will also burrow out to attack. If you look against the cliff wall, you can find a rope leading into a cave where industrial equipment has been stored.

Have BD-1 overcharge the panel to activate a row of rock crushers. Slow them in turn to use them as platforms, and you can reach the Life Essence Upgrade: Zeffonian Cranium Force Echo on a high ledge.

Back outside, you're going to want to dive back into the water to find a wealth of hidden chests using the Water Breathing upgrade. Dive down below where the ice slide led to the meditation circle, and you can locate a chest in an alcove holding the Elemental Nature Lightsaber Sleeve.

Now swim over to the circular area where the Jotaz was wandering to look into the water around the edge of the wreckage, and you can spot a chest holding the Fjord Poncho Material on one side, and another chest containing the Grungio BD-1 Skin on the other side.

Now swim over to the left into the waters between the shore of the Broken Wing and the main Venator Wreck, and look for a deep crevice in the back - below a shortcut rope to the wreck - to find yet another chest that holds the Elemental Nature Lightsaber Switch. From here, swim back to the rear of the lake under the main wreck itself, and you can find a chest in the back alcove that contains the Elemental Nature Lightsaber Emitter.

Be sure to swim up to the surface and get onto a small stretch of land here. It's guarded by two ram-like Phillaks, and near them you can slice open a chest to find the Swoop BD-1 Skin.


Finally, jump back into the water and swim to the far side of the Crash Site, opposite where you enter the area, and look below a large black and red cylinder to find a chest in the water holding the Polished Bronzium Lightsaber Material.

With most of the Crash Site explored, head for the other smaller shore of the Broken Wing.

Broken Wing Walkthrough

On the shores of the Broken Wing area, a lone Jotaz creature stalks around. After killing it, look for a broken section of the hull you can break into using the Force, and head inside.

In this darkened interior, you'll come into a room with a high ceiling, and a power source in the corner. Have BD-1 overcharge the panel to activate a message from a Clone Trooper, and get the Standing Together Databank Scan.

Leaving the interior, climb up onto the platform above, and make a right, using the wall to run across to a small ledge with a chest holding the Hyper Shell Poncho Material. Return across to the first platform and find another panel to have BD-1 deactivate the red forcefield, and slip inside. You can now run up above the previous room into yet another tight squeeze leading further into the wing.

Inside, you'll find a large room with a broken fan on your level leading to several platforms, and a rare Rabid Jotaz on the lower level. Since rare beasts are much stronger than their regular counterparts, you'll want to engage it cautiously - use an attack while falling from above to seriously wound it, and then keep your distance to wait out or dodge its unblockable attacks - keeping a watch out for the lunging kick. Strafe as much as you can and take your time to avoid getting hit too much, and you should be able to take it down.

On subsequent visits, a Bounty Hunter may appear in both the room where the Rabid Jotaz was, and also in the darkened room in the previous area, be wary!

Once it's dead, you'll find that you can't access the far room on the upper level, so instead look for a piece of the wall that can be pushed out using the Force, and step into the dark hallway.


Cut through the tangle of wires and watch out for the Skungus on the ground - use Force Push to clear the area, and push them into any waiting Scazz you encounter. At the end of the hall, push in the floor grate to drop to a lower level full of Skungus and Scazz. Blast them apart by pushing the explosive plants into the creatures, and then look for a panel by the windows.

Overcharge the panel with BD-1 to open a door on the far side of the next room across the moat, and head inside. Avoid the Skungus and kill the lone Scazz, and you'll find a flooded hall with a pole above you can use to cross the hall. However, if you drop down into the water, you can swim under to find the one chest in this area containing the Orichalc Lightsaber Material.

Once you're through the hall, you can force push the door open into another room with a moat - and a Security Droid that will try to ambush you. After defeating it, have BD-1 charge the panel to open the far door - but it will also electrify the moat. Disable the panel for a moment and swim across to the far side, and cut the large wires to disable the electricity flow.

You may also notice the spinning gear on the left side of the moat that turns when your charge the panel. If you watch it spin, look on the left side to spy a small alcove, and stop the charge to also stop the gear while the alcove is visible, and climb up to find the Force Echo: The Attack.

Now when you restart the charge, the elevator door on the far side will open without the flood of electrified water, allowing you to cross and take the lift up to the previously inaccessible room above the large fan. Here you can inspect the Clone Trooper to find the Force Essence Upgrade: Transmission Force Echo.

To exit, you'll need to charge the panel to open the doors, which will also power the broken fan. You won't be able to stop the charge and fan - as the doors will lock you in, so instead leave the room and use Force Slow to cross the moving fan on the left side, and return back to the Crash Site.

Venator Wreckage Walkthrough


The main area of the Venator Wreckage is easily missed, as the path to the Tomb of Miktrull and Imperial Excavation Site will lead you to the left of the wreck through a large exhaust port. However, once you have the ability to double jump, and you can proceed straight up through the wreckage from the shore and enter the main exhaust port, to find a large icy slide leading down into the wreck.

As you slide, look ahead for multiple pathways - some will be electrified, and you'll want to take the other path. You'll also need to avoid a few electrified pillars, push wreckage out of the way, and steer clear of any floating Probe Droids, or at least prepare to deflect their blaster fire.

Once you land in the flooded hull of the ship, dive down and swim through openings in the wreck, and look for a small starfighter to get the Databank Scan: ARC-170. Continue swimming underwater through the wreckage until you come to a pillar sticking out of the water with a mediation platform you can rest at.

Before trying to climb up, keep swimming to the far left corner of the room, and dive down to find a hidden area with a chest holding the Elemental Nature II Lightsaber Switch.

Back at the Meditation site, jump to the nearby wall and climb up, and get ready to deal with a few Scazz climbing out of holes in the walls. Kill them, and then look left to climb up to a small alcove hiding a Force Echo: The Padawan.

Jump down and climb up the opposite wall to find a long ledge leading out over the flooded area below. Watch for Probe Droids, and then hop across to grating you can climb up on the far side to take you over and up.

From here, wall run across a gap to ambush two Stormtroopers led by a Purge Trooper armed with batons. He attacks fast, so be patient in deflecting his multiple hits and wait to sidestep his unblockable hits and take him out.


Look for an outstretched piece of metal to leap across the gap to the other side of the hull, where a platform has a shortcut you can drop to the meditation circle below. You can also have BD-1 activate a moving platform, and stop it when it forms a bridge leading to a tunnel on the far side.

Wait for the tunnel to stop lighting up with electricity to pass through, and enter the next dark room that's full of Scazz. You can have BD-1 check out the Databank Scan: Electricity Conduits here, and then look left for a fan you can slow to step into a small room with a dead Clone Trooper. Watch out for the Scazz that will crawl out, and then get the Force Echo: Hiding.

Look for another door on the right to open a shortcut back to where the moving platform was, and you'll be attacked by another Purge Trooper with a staff weapon. Note that there's not a lot of room to maneuver here, which you can use to your advantage by using quick Force Push bursts when your enemy is on a ledge to drop them into the abyss.

The next room can be tricky, as its a prime spot for two Bounty Hunters to appear. If they don't, expect a few Storm Troopers and Purge Trooper to take up position in the room full of conduits. Thankfully, you can use the conduits to your advantage, as they not only provide cover, but can be used to electrify enemies if they got knocked back into them.

Once the room is clear, look to the right to find another series of wall grates you can climb around and up further still to get to a high platform with another shortcut rope you can send down to the meditation circle below. Looking ahead, you can spot two yellow ropes you can pull towards you and swing across.

However at the second rope, stop swinging and angle yourself to the far wall above the Purge Trooper to find an alcove you can swing to, and you'll find a Force Essence: Order 66 Executed Force Echo.


Back on the ropes ,swing into the far opening with the red lights to reach a new room you can carefully cross and slice an opening - but beware of a Rocket Trooper waiting for you, and push his rockets back at him. Wall run across this room and climb up the far wall to reach his position, and then wall run to the next area by timing the electricity bursts that block your path.

Another Purge Trooper waits for you here, with a Stormtrooper waiting around the corner to ambush you as you engage. Take out the weaker opponent first so that you can focus all your abilities and attacks on the faster and stronger opponent last.

Once he's out of the way, look for a rope to climb to the left, and take it all the way up to the top floor. Another Meditation circle waits for you here, letting you rest up before the you find a Force Echo: Reunited in the next room.

Through the door is a large puzzle area that's more confusing that it needs to be. A series of panels are on both the left and right, with a large block in the middle of a pit, and a moveable cart on your side of the room. You can charge things up to move the block and panels, but its not clear what needs to be manipulated for you to cross.

You need to be able to stop the panels from raising up when the block goes down, so charge the pad to leave the panels up on the right side, then push the cart to the right, and double jump up on top of the panels. The last panel has a large wire you can cut with your lightsaber, dropping the panels down to their vertical positions. You'll be dropped down, so wallrun across the panels to get back

Since you can wallrun on the panels, but not the walls, you need to wallrun on the left series of panels - but on their right side. It can get confusing, as the cart will slide all the way to the left wall, but you don't want to get on it then. Instead, pull the cart towards the wall from the middle, but use Force Slow so that you can get on and jump to the right side of the panels before it hits the left wall, then wall run to jump to the block in the middle of the pit. Once here, you can safely climb up to the other side of the room and continue on.

The final room here will pit a Jotaz against a few Stormtroopers, so feel free to let them duke it out before ambushing the winners with your strongest attacks. After they have all fallen, you can find a mound of earth that holds the Force Echo: Jedi Grave. You'll also find three different chests to slice into here! They hold the Starfighter Poncho Material, Cantonica BD-1 Skin, and Chromium Lightsaber Material.


Finally, head outside of the wreck to find a series of ledges leading to the Stim Pack Crate that's been taunting you from its perch overlooking the Imperial Excavation Site.

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