What Model is my Lenovo Laptop ( 5 Easy Methods) (2024)

If you are wondering, What Model is my Lenovo Laptop? Then you are at the right place. This article covers all the different methods for finding your Lenovo laptop model number.

The model number of all laptops consists of letters and numbers also having series name in most cases. The model number is used to identify a specific lineup of laptops. Laptops that belong to the same lineup will have the same or slightly different model numbers.

So model numbers make it easy to organize a lineup of laptops. Lenovo laptops also have many series and different laptops for different purposes. So, now we will find what’s our model number for Lenovo using 5 methods.

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Table of Contents

Method 1) Find Lenovo Laptop Model Number Using Identification label

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Lenovo laptop has labels located on the backside or behind the battery. You have to look for it. It’s a white sticker having information about your Lenovo laptop family name and model number.

Also, on some laptops, the serial number is mentioned with the model number, so don’t confuse the model number with the serial number as the serial number is unique to every Laptop. In contrast, the model number will be the same for the identical Lenovo laptop series or slightly different.

Method 2) Find Lenovo Model Number Using Service Bridge/Lenovo Vantage

Lenovo Service Bridge is an application provided by Lenovo to its user to have dedicated software to find and troubleshoot problems.

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On service Bridge, you can click use our support site, and it will automatically scan your product to find its name and serial number

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Service bridge can also provide information on your serial name and product name. For opening the Lenovo vantage, you will have to type Lenovo vintage in your windows search.

Method 3) Find Lenovo Model Number Using System Information

If your Lenovo laptop identification label is damaged and can’t be read, you can use system information in Windows 10. It is an easy method for finding your Lenovo model number. The identification label can be fake if you buy a second-hand Lenovo laptop, So checking the model number of your Lenovo using this method is recommended.

How to Find Lenovo Laptop model number using system information?

  • Search system information in windows search and open it.
What Model is my Lenovo Laptop ( 5 Easy Methods) (4)
  • Locate the model number on the right side in the system information tab
What Model is my Lenovo Laptop ( 5 Easy Methods) (5)

Method 4) Find Lenovo Model Number Using CMD

Command prompt (CMD) is a command-line interpreter and can be used to find your Lenovo laptop’s model number.

Below is a step-by-step method of how to find the Lenovo laptop model number using cmd.

  • Type cmd in widows search and press Enter
What Model is my Lenovo Laptop ( 5 Easy Methods) (6)
  • Once the command prompt will open, type WMIC CSPRODUCT GET NAME, and Press Enter. The model number will be displayed.
What Model is my Lenovo Laptop ( 5 Easy Methods) (7)

Method 5) Find Lenovo Model Number by Accessing BIOS

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If the other methods didn’t work for you and you cannot find the Lenovo laptop model number, you can use the last option by accessing the BIOS.

Using BIOS, you can access the system and find out the information about your Laptop or computer using the steps below.

  • Restart your Laptop
  • Press F1 or Enter during the start-up process on your Lenovo laptop
  • Once you get into the BIOS setting, you will have complete information about your Laptop, such as model number, product number etc

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FAQ (What Model is my Lenovo Laptop)

How do I know what Model my Thinkpad is?

In the window, search type “system information” and open it. A window will appear having the information about your Lenovo Thinkpad. Now locate the model number there.

Is the serial number and Model number the same?

The serial number is used in appliances as a unique identifier for products, whereas the model number is used for a lineup or series of appliances.

How do I find my Lenovo model number Windows 10?

In windows, 10 go to search and type system information. A window with all the information about your Lenovo laptop will appear to search through it and locate the model number.

What does Lenovo model number mean?

The Lenovo model number typically indicates the series or product line, screen size, processor type, and other features of the device. It serves as a distinctive identifier to separate various models from one another.

What model is my laptop Lenovo command line?

To find the model of your Lenovo laptop using a command line, open the Command Prompt and type “wmic csproduct get name”. This will display the model name of your Lenovo laptop.


Hopefully, after reading the article, your problem of What Model is my Lenovo Laptop? will be solved. I will advise you to go to the Lenovo official website for further technical assistance on your Laptop.

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What Model is my Lenovo Laptop ( 5 Easy Methods) (2024)


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